Whether visiting or residing in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Finding a cannabis club that suits you can be difficult from time to time. Weed BCN is an online platform that helps you find and gain access to the right cannabis club for you.


Becoming a member of the Cannabis Club community is very simple but you must receive and invitation. You can message any club on our website directly to request an invitation. The purpose of the Cannabis Clubs is to relax and have fun so Weed BCN want to make the process of going relaxing and fun also.  


There are certain rules that must be upheld by the Cannabis Clubs across the exciting city that is Barcelona. The primary rule is to provide your real age when giving information. The minimum at which one can join a Cannabis Club is 18 however the Clubs are entitled to set their own age limit. For example, some may only accept people twenty-one years and above. So if you are under 18 you will not be accepted by any of the Cannabis Clubs that are part of Weed BCN.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist or a resident in the city. As long as you have a proof of valid ID and meet the age requirements. You’ll also be required to provide a Spanish address. Don’t worry, this only for the registration form and nothing will be sent to this address. It’s required only for the registration form.


Once you’ve requested your invitation you may go to the club with ID on your persons. Every club within the city demands an annual fee for members. The price may vary but is approximately €20. If you’re visiting with an already existing member, they can endorse you.


After you’ve completed all these stages, you may choose the best suited clubs in the city for you. Using our Weed Map, you will be able to view the highest quality clubs in town, each with a wide variety of cannabis. Barcelona permits the usage of cannabis only inside the clubs and not in public, therefore consumption of cannabis outside the clubs is illegal. Please remember this during your visit.


We hope you enjoy the vast selection of such contrasting Cannabis Clubs during your time in the beautiful Catalan city of Barcelona.